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A Musician’s Guide to Pinterest: Why You Should Be Using the World’s Fastest Growing Website Ever

By Chris Robley

April 25, 2012

Pinterest Logo A Musicians Guide to Pinterest: Why You Should Be Using the Worlds Fastest Growing Website EverPinterest– isn’t that a website for wedding planners, cake-makers, and vintage-clothing aficionados? Well, yes; but plenty of bands are finding uses for the social scrapbooking site too.

Keith Urban and Lady Antebellum, for instance, have been using Pinterest for months to post pictures of lyric sheets, favorite Gibson guitars, and… favorite brands of cereal. Their fans are eating it up and sharing the bands’ content across the web.

And with 10.4 million users, some data shows that Pinterest is the fastest growing standalone website ever, so there are plenty of potential fans to be reached.

What exactly is Pinterest?

It’s kinda like Twitter, but for pictures and videos instead of 140-character messages, a combination of a digital pin-up board and a scrapbook. From your Pinterest page you can create different boards for different interests– one for album covers, one for tour posters, one for fan shots, one for music videos, etc. Plus, other people can pin things to your public page, which encourages sharing. 

How bands can use Pinterest for music and video promotion

Jem Bahaijoub wrote a great article for Indie Ambassador about how musicians can and should use Pinterest to promote their music careers. It’s a quick, but thorough introduction to Pinterest’s features, benefits, and drawbacks. Check out ”Pictures Speak Louder Than Words: A Musician’s Guide to Pinterest.”

Have you started using Pinterest for music purposes? How’s it working for you?